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The motor on a mid-drive e-bike is located in the middle of the frame, resulting in a bike that is well balanced. 

The smooth power delivery of a mid-drive gives this bike a natural feel. 

With each stroke of the pedals, this motor can deliver up to double the torque of a rear hub drive, making it superior for climbing the steepest of hills.

It has the feel of a traditional bicycle, with a twist: a smooth and powerful ride.

MT21-MID (6 of 7)_edited.jpg
Mid-Drive Ebikes
MJM CR21 (38 of 56).jpg

Is a mid-drive ebike for you?

  • If you want the feel of a traditional pedal bike;

  • If you need a well balanced bike with lots of power for climbing steep hills;

  • If you prefer a smooth ride, without feeling a power surge or push from a rear hub motor;

  • If you appreciate an intuitive motor that senses how much force or torque you are applying to the pedals and delivers power according to your efforts;

  • If you are investing in an e-bike with sophisticated electronic engineering;

  • If you understand that mid-drive motor e-bikes will retain their value over time.

    Then, YES!     A mid-drive e-bike is perfect for you!

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