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 Thank you for purchasing an MJM Ebike. This bike, if properly maintained, will give you years of enjoyable riding. Below is the MJM Wheels warranty outline. Please review it and do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have regarding it.


You have purchased much more than a typical bicycle. It is much heavier, full of electrical and mechanical components and connection points, and more expensive than a typical bike. For that reason, you should have an annual maintenance check over and servicing done on the ebike to keep your investment operating at it’s peak condition.


Basic Terms

1) Electrics - 1 year from the date of purchase on controller, motor, battery, lights and display against manufacturer defects

2) Paint and Graphics - 1 year from date of purchase

3) Frame - 2 years from date of purchase against cracks

4) Mechanical Wear Parts - 30 days from date of purchase against manufacturer defects - rims, spokes, tires, chain, suspension, seats, brakes,



Warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

To make a warranty claim the ebike must be taken to the MJM store with the original receipt.


Warranty voided if:

Electrics - 

1) Evidence of Modifications 

2) Battery stored improperly - not following care instructions from webpage – for example allowing the battery to freeze over the winter

3) Water damage

4) Using a non-authorized charger

5) Corrosion of contacts due to improper storage. For example, leaving the ebike outside in the snow. When the snow melts, the water will run into the framework, and could corrode the electrics and contact points

6) Disconnection / reconnection of electrical cables between components. The connection points are small and easily damaged if not handled by a trained technician

7) Evidence of the dismantling of any of the components after the purchase

8) Unauthorized service work on the ebike



Paint and Graphics –

1) Scratches are not covered by warranty

2) There is evidence of use of a power washer used to clean the bike. This can be detrimental to the paint finish, and do damage to the electrics


Frame –

1) Evidence of abuse, or damage resulting from a crash

2) Evidence of modifications made to the frame and ebike components

3) Evidence of extreme riding, stunting or jumping

4) Evidence of water damage causing corrosion

5) Improper storage


Mechanical Wear parts –

1) Evidence of abuse, or a crash

2) Evidence of modifications made to the frame and ebike components

3) Evidence of extreme riding, stunting or jumping

4) Evidence of water damage causing corrosion


Not Covered by Warranty

Normal wear and tear after the warranty periods

Consumables and wear products – for example tires, tubes, brakes and brake pads, cables and housing, grips, chain, and spokes) after the warranty period

Damage resulting from a failure to follow instructions in the owner’s manual, accidents, misuse, neglect, modifications, aftermarket parts, water damage, extreme riding/stunting, improper maintenance

Unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.

Freight / transport costs to get the ebike to an MJM Wheels store, or have it returned to you.
















Dealer Warranty Claims


If an MJM Ebike is brought in for warranty service….to claim warranty support for your customer…

1) Email our service manager a copy of

a) the original invoice, including the model, and serial number of the ebike. Also the serial number of the battery and motor if applicable

b) a brief outline of the issue

c) pictures if appropriate


2) Our service manager will respond

a) confirming the claim appears to be a warranty issue

b1) request additional information and pictures or video to assess the issue if needed

c) Once the issue and repair needed has been determined, our service manager will either

c1) request the ebike be returned to our main store for repair, or

c2) will work with the dealer technician regarding the supply of a part, and install instructions along with issuing an appropriate and agreed credit for the service technician’s time.


MJM Wheels will not be financially responsible for any repair work done on an MJM Ebike that was not authorized.


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