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Return Policy

At MJM Ebikes, we want to be fair to you, but we also need to be fair to our other customers as well. Bikes that are returned with more than a few kilometres on it, or bikes that are dirty, scratched, or shows signs of use cannot be re-sold as a new bike. That means the return price will now be discounted accordingly. Returned ebikes must be returned with with everything that came with the bike, and the original invoice. The ebike will be checked to confirm they are in operating condition, and the ebike is to be clean, and unscratched, prior to proceeding with a credit. Assuming the above conditions are approved, the additional conditions to be met before issuing a credit:

1. Brand New

  • If returned within 7 days of the receipt, and with less than 5 km on it, and the above conditions are met, we will offer a full refund.

2. Light Use

  • If returned within 30 days of the receipt, with less than 50 km on it, and the above conditions are met, we will offer an 85% reimbursement of the original price. The 15% re-stocking fee /discount is because we can no longer sell the ebike as new and will have to discount it to sell it off.

3. Used

  • If an ebike is returned with more than 50 km on it, or it is after 30 days of the original date of purchase, or is in a dirty or a scratched condition, as a retailer of new ebikes, we cannot take it back.

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